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Childbirth Meditation


You can find variety among very similar things. Think of a rose. Even on one bush how much variety exists between the flowers?

Having more choices doesn't necessarily mean any of them are good. It is far more important to have the right options than it is to have a long list of them.

Sometimes we get so focused on the uniqueness of our situation that we forget we are not alone. There are a variety of ways to experience pregnancy and birth, but they all remain pregnancy and birth.

You can have a closet full of T-shirts in every possible color and that is variety. But that doesn't change the fact that they are all T-shirts and so in a way are all the same.

Variety is only meaningful if the items will affect you. Who cares that you can have 60 different prenatal tests done if what you really wanted was someone to talk to?

Having a variety of options forces us to make decisions. Sometimes we are ready to make the decisions, and sometimes we accidentally let someone else make the decisions for us because we didn't realize how much variety there was.

Having access to a variety of tools doesn't mean you will always use them all. A hammer remains useful even if you don't need it to screw in a light-bulb.

Encouraging words for you

"It is easier to do many things than to do one thing continuously for a long time. " - Marcus Fabius Quintilian

Questions to Work Through

How does this pregnancy exhibit the great variety of possibilities?

How do you know the variety of options available to you?

How can you get more options?

What affects the variety of options available to you?

What is the danger of having too many choices?