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Childbirth Meditation


Some people are so afraid of what might be inside themselves that they never sit quietly to listen to their own hearts.

There are loud things and quiet things. Volume is not a measure of value.

You can define quiet as a quality of the external environment, or you can define quiet as a quality of the heart and soul.

Some people never learn to be quiet. Other people never learn to speak up.

Quiet can be equally refreshing and suffocating.

I am defined as much by what I am quiet about as I am by what I am vocal about.

It is sometimes hard to realize that even in the midst of the storm there are a great many things that are quiet. The thunder does not cause everything else around it to become loud.

Encouraging words for you

"Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine within yourself so that you can hear it in others." - Marian Wright Edelman

Questions to Work Through

How do you find a time and place for quiet?

What do you hear when you are quiet?

How does what you are quiet about express who you are?

What things do you wish you could be quiet about?

What things do you wish you could be less quiet about?