Welcome to Virtual Labor

You are about to begin your virtual labor experience. At each stop in the labor you will be required to make a decision about how to respond. The next part of your labor will be randomly selected based on the way you choose to handle the current situation. There is no right or wrong answer. If you would like to know more about your options, click on the highlighted options at the bottom.

When you are ready to begin, press the start button.

Highlighted Option

Clicking on the highlighted word
will give you more information about that option,
but it will not tell you what you should do.

Please Note: This is a teaching tool for the various comfort measures used to accomplish a natural childbirth. You can find information about the comfort measures and positions used in Virtual Labor and many more in the Coach's Notebook section of the Birthing Naturally website. For more information about how Virtual Labor works please visit the FAQ Page.


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