Virtual Labor


Virtual labor gives you an opportuntity to make decisions using natural birth comfort techniques, positions and tools. The computer will randomly choose for you how your labor begins, and as you make decisions, virtual labor will show you how your labor might progress based on your decisions. It is a different natural birth every time you try it, but it will always be a natural birth.


Each step of the labor will give you two or three options. Your job is to read the scenario and decide what you will do. By clicking on the words below the button, you can see the hidden text to help you understand why each choice might be beneficial during labor. When you have made your decision, click on the button. The Virtual Labor will then randomly choose for you an appropriate next step in your labor where you will make another decision.

You may be lucky enough to have a labor so fast you are done in two clicks, or you may seem to be stuck in a long, slow back labor. Either way, use Virtual Labor to explore how using various techniques can affect the outcome of your labor. After you give birth, use your browser's back button and choose other options to see what might have happened.

When you are finished, be sure to review the questionnaire to assess what you might have learned about yourself through the experience.

Most of all have fun. After all, it is only a virtual labor.

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