Virtual Labor

Questions to Review

Reviewing what happened in your virtual labor can help you get ready for the real thing.

Many of the details on virtual labor have been left vague to let you fill in the details. Pain, time, comfort and fatigue are very personal experiences, and no one can judge for you how you will perceive what is happening. By leaving issues vague, it allows you as the reader to fill in the blanks. As you read through it ask yourself how stressful or painful it would feel to be going through the experience.

The value in letting you, the reader, make upthe pain details is that you get to learn about yourself. You have the opportunity to face your fears and experience the "worst" and explore how you handle it. That would be lost if you were told how to interpret what was happening.

Review Questions

Describe your reactions to this possibility of labor.

What did not seem to work? What could you have done differently?

What types of techniques did you find yourself choosing most frequently?

Who did you imagine to be with you as you labored?

What fears or concerns came to your mind as you progressed through the virtual labor?

What was important to you during this labor?

How do you cope with pain in your everyday life? How did this play a part in the comfort techniques you selected during labor?

What do you need to do to increase your chances you will experience the labor you want?

What previous experience have you had with the pain management techniques used in the virtual labor?