Information you need to prepare for natural childbirth

  • Comfort Measures

    Manage Pain

    Learn how to use the tools, techniques and positions which will help you stay as comfortable as possible while letting your body do the important work of labor.

  • Birth Planning

    Explore Options

    Learn how to work with your midwife to write a birth plan that fits your physical and emotional needs. Explore the options you may have and read sample plans.

  • Preparation Exercises

    Try This At Home

    Don't just read about natural birth, work through the exercises to gain skill and confidence while identifying the tools most likely to help you in labor.

  • Birth Challenges

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  • Understanding Pain

    Why is Childbirth Painful?

    Natural childbirth can be painful, but that does not mean you need to suffer. Learn the theories of causes of pain in childbirth, and how you can work through the pain you experience. Explore the various ways to manage pain, from natural to pharaceutical.

  • Labor Partner's Guide

    How to Help

    If you are here because you plan to support someone during a natural birth, this is the place to start. Learn the secrets of providing support, how to touch a laboring woman, how to help her make decisions and how to help her "go natural" for as long as possible for her.

  • Healthy Pregnancy

    Optimum Wellness

    Maintaining your optimum health is important for you and your baby. Get answers to your questions about pregnancy nutrition, exercise and dealing with common discomforts. Find out what tests may help you make decisions, and follow your baby's growth month by month.

  • Natural Childbirth Directory

    Find Local Support

    Use the Natural Childbirth Directory to locate midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and other local organizations to help you achieve a natural birth no matter where you live in the world.