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Materials and Supplies

Check out the following links for books, videos, teaching aids, labor comfort tools and midwifery supplies.

Birth pool sales and rental.

Barefoot Birth Pools
Birth pool rentals.

Birth Afloat
Water birth rental and sales.

Birth Balance
Books and doula supplies.

Birth International
Sells books, movies, models, birth equipment and more.

Birth Pool in a Box
Birth pool sales.

Birth With Love Midwifery Supplies
Birth kits and midwifery supplies.

Birthing Better
Sells the Pink Kit Method of childbirth preparation.

Sells teaching aids and midwifery supplies.

Birth pool sales.

The CAPPA Shop
Doula, childbirth education and breastfeeding education supplies.

Cascade HealthCare Products, Inc
Midwifery supplies, birth kits and teaching aids.

Childbirth Graphics
Sellers of books, teaching models, curriculums, videos and more.

The DONA Boutique
Supplies and education materials for doulas.

Eagletree Press
Midwifery books.

Educational & Scientific Products Limited
Sells anatomical birth and fetal models.

Everything Birth
Midwife supplies and birth kits.

The Family Way
Childbirth Education Curriculum and resources.

The Good Birth Company
Birth pool sales.

In His Hands Birth Supply
Midwifery supplies, books and movies.

International Childbirth Education Association
Check out the bookcenter for books, videos, pamphlets and more.

InJoy Birth and Parenting Education
Creators of videos on a vierety of childbirth education topics, teaching guides and more.

Lamaze International
Variety of prefessional resources for childbirth educators.

Made in Water
Birth Pools and water birth kits.

Mama Goddess Birth Shop
Custom birth kits.

MidwifeShop New Zealand
Full line of medical supplies for midwives.

Midwifery Supplies Canada
Midwifery and doula supplies, books and DVDs.

Medical Aid Films
Creates and distributes films to train health care workers in low resource areas.

Pregnancy Birth & Beyond
Midwifery supplies, breastfeeding supplies, books, pools and more.

Sage Femme Inc
Edmonton organization supporting choices in childbirth.

Transition to Parenthood
Provides online resources for childbirth educators.

Waterbirth International
Sellers of birth pools.

Waterbirth Solutions
Waterbirth pools and kits.

Water Baby Birth Pool Hire
Birth pool rental.

Your Water Birth
Water birth kits and supplies.