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Natural Childbirth Directory


Ask Dr. Sears
Answers to your questions about your child's health.

The Aware Parenting Institute
Read about the philosophies of aware parenting.

Birth Psychology
Provides insights into the latest research on infants.

Circumcision Decision Maker
Tool to help parents determine if circumcision is right for thier family.

Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
Provides resources for making decisions about circumcision.

Compleat Mother
On-line offering of articles from the magazine focusing on natural living.

Dr. Greene
Real answers to parents real questions about how to care for their newborns.

Healing our Children
Discusses the importance of nutrition in disease prevention, as well as overall health.

Hug Your Baby
Blog offering advice to new parents about learning how to read their baby's signals.

Keeping Babies Safe
Not-for-profit organization providing information about recalls on infant products.

Mothers Against Circumcision
Information and research regarding care of the intact penis.

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers
Provides information about circumcision and links to local organizations around the world to help you find the information you need before you make a decision.

The Natural Child Project
Offers articles and support for caring parents.

50 Years of Saving Babies' Lives
Information from the Association of Public Health Laboratories on the tests available for newborn screening.

Attachment Parenting International
Striving to teach "peaceful parenting for a peaceful world."

The Real Diaper Association
Not-for-profit organization educating parents about the benefits of cloth diapering.
Information to help you make your own cloth diapers.

La Leche League
Find a meeting in your area and read about the latest breastfeeding research.

Bright Future Lactation Resource Center, Ltd.
Linda Smiths's resources for Lactation Educators. Even non-educators can learn a lot by browsing through this valuable site.

Baby Led Weaning
Information and advice from families for families.

International Lactation Consultant Association
Educational articles, resources and links to lactation consultants in your area.

Milk Share
Educates families seeking to donate milk or obtain donated milk privately. Includes information to help increase your own milk supply.

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers
Find a breastfeeding counselor or workshop in the UK.