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Labor Tool

Weighted Ball

What it is:

A round weight is a small weighted ball used for body toning and conditioning. It is not a medicine ball, but rather a hand held weight. It is made from soft, pliable plastic and filled with a substance that mushes like sand. They can be found in various sizes ranging from 1 pound to about 8 pounds.

How it works:

Weighted balls provide additional pressure for a counter pressure massage during back labor. They allow you to provide gentle pressure without having to use arm or wrist muscles.

How to do it:

Place the ball where the mother wants pressure. Push on the ball to increase pressure.

By rolling the ball with the palm of your hand you can change the sensation of the pressure massage. This can be useful on the back or thighs. The ball can be rolled along an arm or leg to provide a pressure massage. Adjust the pressure of the massage by adjusting how hard you push on the ball.

Integrating it into labor:

Have the mother lean against a wall; place the ball at her lower back where she would like pressure. Let the mother move to provide the amount and type of pressure she would like.

Have the mother get in a hands and knees position. Use the ball (or two) to provide pressure on her lower back.

Roll the ball up and down the mother's lower back.