Stewardship of Childbearing

Stewardship refers to the wise use of your "talents." These may be your money, time, special abilities or your possessions. The principle here is that everything we have belongs to God who gave it to us to use for a time, and he will require us to give an account for how we have used his things. When applying the principle of stewardship to your pregnancy and labor, you might want to consider your baby not as your own but as a child of God. Make decisions then not on what is easy, but on what God would want you to do with his child.

Specific applications then may be:

  • Choosing to take a lunch when you go out instead of eating fast food since your nutrition affects your baby
  • Choosing to take a natural childbirth class so you are less likely to use medications during labor since they put extra risk on your baby
  • Choosing to give up a hobby, extra job or other thing that takes time you could use to get the extra rest you and your baby need.