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Christian Childbirth Principles

Christians are a varied group of individuals throughout the world. They cannot be identified by income, family size, political preferences, education or race. The only factor that distinguishes someone as a Christian is faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God. Along with this faith, Christians choose to live by basic beliefs from the teachings of Christ and the Bible as a whole. However, the living out of the beliefs can look very different from Christian to Christian.

You see, what holds us together is not a mandate on our outward appearance, but a manifesto about our hearts. There is great freedom in Christ, freedom that stems from the knowledge that I can not earn my way into heaven. Freedom that grows when I realize God does not need the little I have to offer him. Freedom that, when applied by the heart that loves God and seeks to do his will, blossoms into a life which demonstrates God's glory to the world around me.

Christian childbirth is not a term that defines specific comfort measures, positions or tools for use during labor. Christian childbirth does not require a strictly defined birth place, a preset number of people in attendance or the environment in which a woman gives birth. Christian childbirth cannot be classified by the medical procedures used or the holistic practices participated in. Christian childbirth cannot be recognized by the ease with which a woman gives birth or degree of difficulties she encounters while laboring. Christian childbirth exists when a woman chooses to live out her faith in Christ in labor, and that cannot be identified simply by the actions you see taking place.

If you are hoping to have a Christian childbirth, you may be wondering then just what you are supposed to "do." Having a Christian childbirth is no different from being a Christian at work, a Christian at school, a Christian in your day to day life. There are basic principles from the Bible you should be familiar with, to help you determine God's will. In addition, there are basic Christian disciplines you should be practicing to help you fall more and more in love with God. You can even choose to use the disciplines during your labor to help you stay focused on God. As far as what this looks like when you live it out, I'm afraid I can't answer for you.

I can give you a basic list of some of the principles of Christianity and what they may look like as you live them out. However please understand this is not a conclusive list and is not offered as a regimen you must follow to have a "Christian" childbirth. The only way for you to achieve that is for you to humbly place yourself at the feet of Christ and seek him daily.

Having a Christian childbirth is not about any special techniques or prayers that are said at the labor. Christianity is pretty basic, and its principles are applicable to every part of your life. Christian childbirth is simply the extension of your faith into an area many women forget to take it.