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A Day of Prayer for Childbirth

Plan a Prayer Event

In addition to praying individually, consider joining the call to prayer for childbirth by hosting a prayer event in your community. Make it as small or as large as God leads you. Please join the Facebook Group to share ideas and find others who want to participate in prayer. Here are some more ideas to get you started.

Possible Ideas for a Prayer Event

  • Host a prayer event at your church for expectant families. Invite your members to bring expectant friends. Materials are available to help you plan a Christian blessing ceremony for expectant moms. Please see for information.
  • Plan prayer for the health care workers in your community. You can invite local midwives and doctors, or health care workers who attend your church.
  • Coordinate with the women's ministries at several area churches to host a larger gathering of prayer warriors for childbirth.
  • Work with your local crisis pregnancy center to plan a prayer event for the entire community.
  • Organize a prayer walk around local birth centers, or a traveling prayer team that prays from hospital to hospital.
  • Contact other Christian childbirth professionals in your area to plan a prayer meeting.
  • Work with teen ministry programs to help get the word out about global prayer needs.
  • Contact a group that works oversees with pregnant women. Use the prayer day to start a prayer alliance with that group.
  • Plan a baby shower for the women who use your local crisis pregnancy center. Give them gifts, demonstrate Christ's love and pray for them and their families.
  • Plan a 24 hour prayer room at your church. Have volunteers sign up to cover specific times and leave them with a list of prayer needs locally, nationally and globally.
  • See if your church is able to distribute one or more of the prayer needs fact sheets from the resources section.