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Fertility and Christianity

Looking for something a little different for your personal Bible Study or small group meeting?  Want to study a topic that is central to being made female,  though often ignored by modern Christianity?  You may enjoy working through any one of a number of fertility studies. 

You do not have to be pregnant, or even planning to become pregnant to study the topic of fertility.  As a woman, your body moves through cycles of fertility whether you pay attention or not. Somewhat different from the topic of sexuality, fertility is not really about the intimate relationship with a significant other.  Fertility happens in absence of a partner, maintaining a regular presence throughout twenty to forty years of a woman’s life.

Despite the changes that have taken place in the last hundred or even thousand years, the ability to have children is still very much a part of being a woman.  For some it is the frustration of having children before they were planned, for others it is the pain of wanting children that do not come.  Even women who have never given the subject of children much thought are holding some hopes and dreams they simply do not share with others.  Daily decisions are made by women about how to suppress or enhance their fertility.  One week a month may be spent trying to hide fertility.  Mothers get nervous about teaching their daughters about their fertility.  When fertility ends, your body goes through so many changes you may not recognize yourself.

Be prepared, some of these topics can bring up deep hurts, frustration, shame and anger.  For many years menstruation has been taboo, leaving women with deep scars from the questions they never felt free to ask.  At the same time, these topics can help you understand the woman God made you to be.  The point is to no longer be afraid to talk about something that is so much a part of what it means to be a woman.


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