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Easy Answers to Common Questions

Do you teach classes in my area?

We have a listing of Christian childbirth professionals who use Birthing Naturally Materials in their program in the Christian Listing. If you cannot find someone in your area and are sure you would like a Christian course, search for an educator through one of the organizations that certify Christian childbirth professionals.

If you still cannot find someone, search the listing of childbirth professionals (not necessarily Christian) throughout the world in the Natural Childbirth Directory. Many websites will give personal information about the professional, or point you to places where you can get referrals for professionals with specific backgrounds.

How do I certify with your organization?

There is no certification through Birthing Naturally. We provide materials you can use as an expectant mother, ministry leader or childbirth professional. If you would like training or certification as a Christian childbirth professional, you will need to select an training organization from the list of Christian Childbirth Organizations.

How do I order your books?

Books can be ordered through Amazon or Amazon UK, or through any local bookstore. If you want multiple copies for gifts, give-aways or to use in a class please check out the volume pricing on our ordering page.

Do you give free copies of your books for new ministries?

Unfortunately, no. It is very important to the life of your ministry that you design the program in a sustainable way. This means you need to have local partners and financial supporters who will:

  • Help spread word about the servcies your ministry provides
  • Hold you accountable to providing the services you intend to have
  • Celebrate your successes and grow your support base
  • Continue to provide support when needed

I am not in a position to provide this type of support to every new ministry, not matter how much I want them to succeed. For that reason, the decision was made to no longer provide free copies of books to new ministries but instead to encourage those starting the ministry to raise the support for the books within the local community. Instead, the books area available at greatly discounted rates to help ministries begin.

How do I get listed in the Christian Childbirth Ministry Locator List?

Listing as a Christian Childbirth Ministry is reserved for ministries utilizing the materials of Birthing Naturally. Information on gettting listed is included in orders of Teaching Christian Childbirth.

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