Ministering with Birthing Naturally

Whether your childbirth ministry is your main source of income, a part-time job or a service to your community, the right tools can help you successfully reach the families in your region. Birthing Naturally wants to help you find those right tools. Each of the books published through Birthing Naturally can serve a different purpose in your ministry because each book is written for a different purpose and with a different focus.

Teaching Christian Childbirth is a Christian childbirth education program. Inside you will find the information you need to design an education program at your church, community birth center or through your home. With the book you receive access to a companion website to download handouts, worksheets, additional teaching outlines, lists of resources and self-study materials. For more information about Teaching Christian Childbirth please contact Tammy Ryan.

The Christian Childbirth Workbook is designed to be used by clients in private or group classes. The workbook includes lists of terms and concepts to understand, activities and exercises to improve understanding, labor rehearsals and built-in Bible studies. The Christian Childbirth Workbook can allow your Christian clients to prepare for a birth both physically and spiritually.

The Christian Childbirth Handbook is a complete childbirth education course in a book. Equally useful for the family who can only meet with you once or twice and the family who commits to an eight week childbirth education course. Readings are broken into Subjects and Topics so families can be assigned specific content to cover before your next meeting. Review activities at the end of each subject allow families to consider what they are learning and apply it to themselves.

The Lord of Birth is a Bible study, intended to be used by families familiar with digging into the Bible to challenge themselves. Readers are encouraged to apply the principles of Christianity to their pregnancy and birth, drawing them closer to God. The downloadable leaders guide with additional discussion questions makes this book ideal for use in small groups or for one on one discipleship.

40 Weeks is a devotional, providing Biblical encouragement and information about the progress of pregnancy. Each week includes the changes happening in mother and baby, a short devotional and a prayer guide to help families build the habit of praying for their new child. A short section on staying healthy during pregnancy and ways to manage common discomforts round out this volume to make it a great gift.

Next Step

If you are just beginning your career as a childbirth professional, Birthing Naturally recommends training and certification with a national organization. If you are already a childbirth professional and would like to learn ways to incorporate Christian childbirth into the services you offer, Tammy Ryan of Baby Matters is offering a three hour seminar on just that topic. During the seminar she explains ways to use the Christian Childbirth Workbook and other materials available.

Want to have a training in your area? Trainings cost $175 per person and include a copy of Teaching Christian Childbirth. Trainings require a minimum of 10 attendees. If you secure the location for the training, you can receive a discount on your attendance fee. For more information please contact Tammy.

At Birthing Naturally, we believe the most important thing is to follow where God is leading you. If the materials available through Birthing Naturally are not what God has directed you to find, may we recommend you browse through the list of organizations in the Christian Childbirth Directory. There are so many wonderful Christian Childbirth and parenting resources available to you, and the directory will help you find the right ones.