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The Expectant Mother's Bible Companion

The Bible Commentary specifically for new and expectant mothers.

God is funny sometimes. I'm learning so much and have my notes written out, but the book is just not coming together. I'll trust God's reasons and wait. However I will not ignore the loud and clear message from God that drives me to write, "I don't give you insights so you can know. I give you insights so you can share them with others." Yes God, I'll share the insights you give me with anyone who will listen.

So now I invite you to grab your Bible and start studying through God's Word looking for ways it is speaking about your life right now. Please remember, what you are reading are my first drafts, pretty rough and without a clearly defined format yet. I welcome your comments and responses to the materials - it will help me make it as good as it can be. I'll add more pages as they become available, but I am making no promises as to how fast that can be. God's still working on other areas of my life that make this process slower than I had intended.








1 Timothy

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1 Timothy

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